Rain Rot- 1. Me- 0.

The dreaded rain rot is back again. Can I just say how much I freaking HATE rain rot. I hate it with all my heart. I finally got the rain rot on Baron’s legs cleared up, and now he has it ALL OVER his sides. From his shoulder to his haunches, he is eaten up with it. I noticed his coat was looking dull and then I started feeling the little bumps under the hair that are the first sign. Today when I groomed him, his hair was coming out in little patches. He has little bald spots everywhere. He looks awful, like he is neglected and no one loves him. And to make it worse, every other horse at my barn has a beautiful shiny coat with not a touch of rain rot. (Not that I would wish it on anyone, but it sucks to have the only diseased looking horse in the pasture.)

This pisses me off even more because I signed up for the schooling show on June 19th. Will Baron’s hair grow back in just over 2 weeks? Doubtful! So do I haul my bald patched horse to a show or give up the whole idea?

I signed up for 4 classes and I even found a babysitter to go with me to the show and hold my baby while I ride. I am itching to do this show; I’ve been looking forward to showing for months. Now I have to decide whether to go! Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!


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