Trailer Loading SUCCESS!

Last night I went to the barn at 8:30 pm, when it was cool and my baby was in bed. I wanted to spend some time practicing trailer loading in preparation for showing this summer. I am happy to report that I got Baron on the trailer TWICE in just 15 minutes with no shenanigans! He hesitated a little but got on with no rearing or excessive pulling. I let him back out when he was ready and then I immediately asked him to load again. He DID IT!  For his reward I marched him straight back out to the pasture to be with his friends. Horse shows here we come!!!

In other news, I rode on Saturday and Baron was a bit of a pill. He kept pulling me toward the gate and I had to get really firm with him to keep him from trotting right on out of the pasture. In his defense, it was hot and he hasn’t been worked regularly in a while. Still, he needs to get over the pulling thing. It is ever so annoying!

I’ve decided to do a local schooling show on June 25th. It’s a county saddle club show and it seems pretty laid back. It would be a good low-pressure way to put some show miles on Baron and help me get over my nerves. Now I just need to find a baby-sitter to come to the show with me and hold my baby while I ride…


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