I spilled coffee all over my camera, so no pictures. :(

Yep, my camera is no longer functional. Of course now that spring is here and the barn is surrounded by blooming dogwoods and honeysuckles and my horse is looking beee-you-tee-ful, I spill coffee all over my camera! Tonight I’m hoping to take my husband’s fancy pants camera to the barn and snap a few pics. Baron has almost completely shed out his winter coat and he is looking sleek and fat. Well, fat for a Thoroughbred, which means his back end is rounder than last year and his ribs have filled out. I gave  him his first bath of the season and he immediately went out and rolled. Oh well, he looked like a show horse for 5 minutes.

Speaking of shows, I am really looking forward to doing a couple shows this summer. The show series I did last year (New Classic Horse Shows) added an adult beginner class. Hallelujah!!! This means Baron and I won’t be competing against 8 year olds on ponies! I think I have a better chance of actually getting a ribbon if I’m competing against other adults. I mean really, who’s going to give me a ribbon when they can give it to the adorable little girl with matching hair bow and saddle pad on her equally adorable pony? So I’m aiming to do three shows total, one each in August, September and October. I can’t wait!

Hopefully my next post will include pictures!


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