The Many Uses of Listerine

I got the amber colored listerine, put it in a spray bottle, and soaked the rain rot patch on Baron’s leg. It’s been a couple days and I can tell a big difference. The skin looks much better, less inflamed. I can tell it stings when I put it on because he stomps his foot after I finish spraying. 

I also read that Listerine is great for cleaning out water buckets because it cuts through the grime and kills any bacteria. I put a little splash in Baron’s bucket and found that I didn’t have to scrub as hard as I usually do to get the gunk off. So Listerine will now be a regular part of my tack box. I’m all about cheap fixes for common problems!


One thought on “The Many Uses of Listerine

  1. MissMuddyPaws April 13, 2010 / 1:44 pm

    Listerine is great! I use it for just about everything. My pony used to rub his tail… listerine. My OTTB got rain rot if it was cloudy… listerine. I also put it on a paper towel and use that to clean my ear-infection-prone Golden Retriever’s ears. She hasn’t had a single ear infection since I started her weekly listerine cleanings. I spray it all over her coat between baths and it keeps her shiny and clean. She gets hot spots, and listerine is also the perfect cure for those!

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