George Morris would have a stroke…

… If he saw my horse. You know how he is about cleanliness and perfect turnout. First, Baron has rain rot AGAIN. I thought I had cleared this up, but I found another patch on his left hind leg last night. It’s a pretty nasty patch; most of the hair fell out when I massaged it. Listerine seems to be the “miracle cure” according to Chronicle of the Horse forums (only the amber color), so I’ll be trying that ASAP.

Second, I found a couple bald patches. One is on his rump and the other on his foreleg. The hair has thinned to the point where I can see the grey hair underneath, but the skin looks healthy- no dandruff or inflammation. I started a thread on the Chronicle forum and the concensus seems to be that he is probably shedding out his winter coat before his summer coat has had a chance to come in, hence the thin or bald patches.

It really bugs me when my horse looks all gnarly. I don’t want people to think I’m not taking care of him! This winter I focused on keeping him fat and I succeeded. I guess next winter I will focus on keeping him fat AND keeping him meticulously clean so as to avoid the dreaded rain rot. I don’t suppose there’s much I can do about the bald patches!


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