Had a nice visit with my mom…

My mom came to visit from North Carolina for 5 days. We had a great time together; she even came to the barn with me and visited the horses and cats while I did my barn chores. Now my mom is not a horse person. She’s been horseback riding a whopping total of two times, and both were bad experiences. The first time she ever grazed the back of a horse was as a child, maybe 7 or 8 years old, and the horse happened to be a Thoroughbred racehorse. I don’t know all the details of the story, but the jist is that the horse took off full speed ahead with my mom hanging on for dear life. That experience left her with a lifetime fear of horses.

Her second experience came as a college student while she was doing an art internship out in Colorado for the summer. She and some friends went on a trail ride up in the mountains to see a ghost town. The horse my mom was on was somewhat headstrong, and again she felt completely out of control and at the mercy of the 1200 lb animal underneath her. That trail horse was probably a good, solid trail horse and he probably sensed how nervous my mom was and took advantage of that. We all know a horse will see what he can get away with!

My mom surprisingly had a great time at the barn. She IS a cat person and she loved on Hugh and Lou, who reveled in the attention. Baron was very polite and on his best behavior. He was in his stall and held his head still so my mom could pet him. I groomed him very fastidiously in anticipation of my mom’s visit, and of course he rolled on both sides the day before she came so he was FILTHY when she saw him. But he behaved like a gentleman and my mom said before she left that she had fun at the barn and she was less afraid of the horses than she thought she would be!


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