Weight Gain!!!

Winter 2010- dirty but fatter!

I’m posting some pictures to compare Baron’s weight last winter with his weight now. He is looking much fatter these days, not so much rib showing. I upped his grain and I keep hay in front of him at all times. He actually leaves some uneaten in his stall. The last time my farrier was out, he commented that Baron looks 100% better than he did last winter. He’s much more filled out and not looking so scrawny.

He is very dirty in the pictures, but he is fat!!!

Winter 2010
Winter 2009- much more rib showing!

One thought on “Weight Gain!!!

  1. Natalie Keller Reinert February 23, 2010 / 3:02 pm

    New trick for getting them to eat all their grain: apple juice 🙂

    I couldn’t do this without the pasture blocks that allow them free-choice hay all winter. TBs can be WAY too hard to keep weight on.

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