The Equestrian’s Bucket List

I found this on Fugly’s blog and I think it came originally from the Practical Horseman website (maybe?). Forgot to write down the original web address, so let me apologize. If you wrote this, please let me know and I will credit you! I crossed out the ones I’ve done…

1 Gallop on the beach. I’ve cantered. Does that count?

2 Win a blue ribbon, even if it’s for the egg and spoon race! This would have to be my number 1! Oh, how I dream of blue ribbons!!!

3 Enjoy an evening of equestrian theater, from major touring productions such as Cavalia to local performance troupes. Saw Cavalia this year.

4 Try your hand at cattle work. Find out what it means when they say a horse is “cowy.” We go to a little mountain town in Colorado every year, so maybe on one of those trips I’ll have a chance to work some cows.

5 Jump! From crossrails to cross-country obstacles, experience the thrill of soaring over fences. I’ve only jumped crossrails, so I’m going to jump some bigger obstacles before I cross this one off.

6 Fall off and get right back on again. Conquering fear is empowering. I’ve done this too many times to count. I grew up riding Banker Ponies on the island I grew up on and they were green broke at best.

7 See the majestic white Lipizzan stallions at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. This is would be my number 2 pick. I’ve wanted to visit the Spanish Riding School since I read “White Stallion of Lipizza” when I was a kid. It’s my all time favorite children’s book.

8 Come to a sliding stop on a well-trained reining horse. Never had a chance to do this, maybe some day!

9 Take a lesson with your equestrian idol, _________ (you fill in the blank). Not sure who this would be. Maybe Jane Savoie? Or George Morris? 

10 Nurse a horse through a crisis and back to full health. Um, yeah. I’d rather not have to do this. I like my horse healthy, thank you.

11 Experience the smooth ride of a gaited horse. I got to ride my barn owner’s Tennessee Walker. It is a smooth ride, but I prefer the look of my Thoroughbred even with his bouncy trot.

12 Watch the horses come through the Head of the Lake on cross-country day at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event. I’d rather watch the ponies come up out of the water after the round up at Chincoteague.

13 Have the courage to do the right thing for your horse, even when it’s not easy.  I’m going to say I’ve done this, but this is something you do over and over again. The specific time I’m thinking about was at a lesson this summer when Baron wasn’t feeling his best and instead of pushing him to continue, I hopped off and trailered him home. I still had to pay for the lesson even though I only rode for about 5 minutes.  

14 Attend the Kentucky Derby dressed to the nines—including hat! Would love to do this. Kentucky is not that far from Georgia!

15 Tackle a trail accessible only by horseback and enjoy the view.  I would say I’ve done this in Whistler and Colorado. I went to Whistler with my now husband back when we were first dating. I loved that he was willing to go horseback riding! 

16 Take your dream vacation on horseback. I would love to ride the Irish countryside. I’ve also heard that there’s a horseback tour of Austria and Hungary that takes you through the countryside and lets you stay in castles.

17 Master the sitting trot. Nope, not even close.

18 Ride a fine-tuned horse in your discipline of choice, be it dressage schoolmaster or barrel champ. Again, nope. My horse and I are both green as grass.

19 Watch polo. Even better, try your hand at it! Can’t say I’m super interested in this one.

20 Feed, muck, groom, ride. Repeat daily.  Been there, done that.

21 Wake up to a whinny every morning. I board, so this one will probably never happen for me. My husband has no interest in owning a small farm.

22 Fly down the track on a Thoroughbred.  I have galloped full speed ahead on Baron, just not on a track. It was actually on a trail when he bolted and I fell off.  NOT looking to do that again.

23 Meet one of your favorite famous horses in person. I don’t have any favorite horses really. My favorite horses are fictional and my favorite horse of all time is MY horse!

24 Ride bareback, bridleless … or both!  Done it many times as a kid.

25 Share a bond with your horse that’s deeper than words. Working on it…


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