A couple stories…

I have two stories and a show update…

First, I had to have $800 of work done on my car so I won’t be going to the horse show next weekend. Can’t spend any extra money, have to build up the savings account again.

Second, I forgot to write about an eventful ride I had a couple weeks ago.  We were hacking around near my barn and we were walking along the fence at the edge of a little ditch that had running water thanks to all the rain here lately. We had the fence on one side and the ditch on the other. Well, the edge of the ditch started to cave in and Baron’s front feet were sliding toward the water. He is such a fussy little thing about water, hates to get his feet wet. So instead of backing up parallel to the fence, he starts backing up into the fence in an effort to get away from the water. I can tell he is starting to go into panic mode and I could just see him sticking a leg through the fence and getting seriously injured. So in a matter of milliseconds I decided that the only option was for him to jump the ditch. As soon as I had this thought, something about my body position must have changed because Baron stopped backing up, found some decent footing and hopped across the ditch. It was like my determination of what to do was communicated to him and he stopped freaking out and knew what he had to do. Some people will call me crazy, but if you ride and you’ve had a moment like this you’ll know what I’m talking about. Horses really are mind readers in a certain sense. If I had gotten scared and been indecisive, I’m sure things could have ended very differently. Turns out when Baron jumped the ditch he landed in some guy’s yard who promptly came out and scolded me for riding in his yard. Sorry buddy, but if the choice is messing up your yard or messing up my horse’s gorgeous legs, your yard is losing. But I was very polite and apologized profusely.

Third, my last ride was faaaaaabulous. I tried something different. Instead of arena work and then trail riding, I took Baron out on the trail rides first and let him trot and canter and let off some steam. Then we came back to the arena and started the trot work. He was better about pulling toward the gate, and miracle of miracles, he trotted up to the crossrail with no problems and jumped it like a pro. No refusing, no trying to go around, just perfect wide arcs to the jump and then a neat little jump! I was so proud of him. Maybe he will be a jumper after all!


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