Fox Hunting

I’ve always wanted to fox hunt. It’s on the bucket list. Something about it has always fascinated me, probably the fact that I picture it being done in England by wealthy gentry who ride horses and throw fabulous dinner parties.

Here’s a funny article I found about foxhunting:

“This was posted on the Tack of the Day website, a highly addictive site run by Bit of Britain that offers special pricing on tack and equestrian items.

Why We Like Foxhunting: The Real Reasons

Firstly, there seems to be quite a bit of confusion over foxhunting jargon.

A drag hunt is when all the male members of the field either ride side saddle wearing a veil or dress as lady members of the field. This is usually done on gay pride day.
Secondly, the real reason people hunt is to drive their neighbors crazy. There is nothing like no sooner getting all your young horses turned out than having a bunch of yahoos gallop down your driveway and set the entire herd of babies crazy. It won’t matter to them that it will take you two hours to cool them out and the new splint on your fancy yearling will never let you win Best Young Horse at Devon and sell him for a fortune.
And, for some reason, this same group who can gallop down the middle of any blacktop road in the county, but insist on racing down the newly planted grass on both sides of your driveway.
And speaking of gallop, why does everyone need to run a hundred miles an hour only to smash into the quarters of the horse stopped 200 feet ahead of them?
No one cares if your heels are up or down, and George Morris is never there to comment on your style.
You can tranquilize your horse and never get tested by the show association.
You don’t have to clean your tack, braid or pull your horse’s mane or trim his ears unless you are really compulsive.
If you do all of the above everyone will hate you and you will be riding alone.
You can own the ugliest, cheapest horse on the planet and if he is quiet, never kicks a hound and jumps all the jumps without stopping, people will offer you a fortune for him.
That is why we like fox hunting.”

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