Pregnancy Update

Well, I’m 4 and a half months pregnant and I am just starting to pop out a baby belly, which means that shortly I’ll have to stop riding lessons for a while. The trailering and all the hassle is just too much for me. I feel fantastic overall, but I do get tired more quickly with the pregnancy and a four hour ordeal for a one hour lesson is getting to be too much. I still plan on riding Baron around the small pasture at my barn and working on walk-trot transitions until I’m too pregnant to haul myself up onto his back.

In other news, I’ve decided to stay at my small crappy barn for now. As small and crappy as it is, I live two minutes away which means I get to see my horse every day. Even if I can’t ride, I can visit him and groom him and spend time loving on him every single day.

It’s amazing how much joy he brings into my life. He is worth all the money I spend on him; he’s worth his weight in gold!


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