A Fancy Barn May Be in My Future…

Hi, Mom.

I live outside of Atlanta, and there are loads of very posh, very expensive barns in my area. $600 – $700 a month for full board is the norm in the more affluent areas. $450 is considered less expensive. I pay waaaaaaaaaaaaaay less than that, but I clean my own stall,  buy my own feed and hay and fill my own water bucket every day. This is not a big deal, because I live so close to the barn.

The up side of this is that it’s cheap and I have money left over to take weekly lessons. The down side is the lack of facilities and the hassle of trailering.

Last night my trainer called and said she is teaching at a brand new barn not too far from my house. They are looking for a horse to use for lessons for their intermediate riders. My trainer asked if I would consider letting them use Baron for lessons in exchange for reduced board. Um, yeah! I checked out the website and the barn is light years beyond where I’m at now. My current barn is fine, but it’s not fancy. I have to admit, I would love to be at a fancy barn with four board fencing, hot and cold wash racks, lighted arena, etc…

Also, since I’m pregnant, I will have to quit riding around 6 months because I’ll have a baby belly. If Baron were being used as a lesson horse, he would still be getting worked even while I can’t ride. He would be worked 3-4 times a week and I’m hoping he would progress more quickly with the extra time under saddle. I think this could be a win/win situation for me and the barn. I can’t wait to hear back from my trainer to see what the barn says.


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