Movin’ on up…

I’m thinking of moving Baron to a different barn. I’m a little torn up about it because I know Baron is happy where he is. He gets along well with all the other horses; no one picks on him and he doesn’t constantly come in from the pasture with bite marks like he used to. But I have three major problems with my barn. First, I have to clean my stall every day. I actually enjoy doing this, but I know that when I am 9 months pregnant I won’t feel like it. Further, I probably won’t be able to do it once I have a newborn. It’s just not realistic to think that I’m going to escape to the barn every day and leave a two year old and a newborn with my husband. That will cause marital discord rather quickly. So my first requirement for my new barn is either a pasture board situation with no stall to clean or a full board situation that’s inexpensive enough for me to afford.

Second, my barn has no arena. There is a small pasture with a round pen, but the pasture is full of old farming equipment and piles of wood. It’s not exactly ideal, as it would be awful to fall off and land on any of that junk.

Third, because there is no arena, I have to trailer off to lessons. Not only is this a huge pain in the ass, it’s expensive. I have to pay $25 to use the trailer. I pay $50 for the lesson, $25 for the trailer, and usually $20 for someone to watch my kid. So I’m spending $95 on a $50 lesson. I could take that extra money,  pay more to board at a barn with an arena and cut out the hassle and expense of trailering. It would also take less time because I could cut out about an hour and a half of hooking up the trailer, loading my horse, traveling there and back, unloading my horse and un-hooking the trailer. So my babysitter bill would be less. And my husband would be more likely to volunteer for an hour and a half than for 3 hours that usually turns into 4 hours because something always takes longer than expected.

So my barn search has begun. I would like to have Baron moved by December 1st. Luckily I live in a horsey area so there are several different options!


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