Fall at the Barn

Don't know what kind of tree this is, but I love the red berries.
Fall leaves and those awesome berries on the ground.
View from the driveway looking out toward the round pen.
View from the driveway looking out over the round pen.

 Fall is my favorite season. It takes a while for it to look like fall in Atlanta, but by November the trees are dropping leaves and the horses’ winter coats are starting to come in. I LOVE it when they get fuzzy for the winter. It makes them look like overgrown shetland ponies or oddly shaped teddy bears. Every night before I leave the barn, I give Baron a big hug and rest my head on his shoulder. (He is very indulgent.)  Resting my head on a fuzzy shoulder feels even better.

It’s been raining a lot lately and there are lots of gloppy mud puddles. Baron has rolled every day and he is filthy. I’m going to clean him up tonight and hopefully get some good pics of his fuzziness. It’s too cold now to give him a bath but I’ll see what I can do with a currycomb and a dandy brush.


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