My awesome trailer puller.
My awesome trailer puller.
The midget trailer I'm going to pull.
The midget trailer I'm going to pull.
It's pretty nice on the inside.
It's pretty nice on the inside.

It cost me a pretty penny, but I’m finally rigged up to pull a trailer.  I had to have a wiring package installed in my vehicle that would connect to the trailer lights and brakes. I’m leasing the trailer from my barn owner. I figured leasing it is cheaper than buying a new trailer. I can’t drop a couple grand right now.

I rigged the trailer up (had to have some help from my trusty barn friends) and pulled it empty to get the hang of it. This is the first time I have ever pulled anything, but surprisingly, it wasn’t bad at all. That might have something to do with the fact that I never went above 35. Ha ha. I should put a sign on the back that says, “Just pass me, because I’m not going any faster. :)” Next step will be pulling the horse trailer with an actual horse in it.

In other news, I have entered Baron in a show on Saturday. I am questioning my own sanity, because I have ridden all summer very frequently, but I have not been taking lessons. But by the time spring and the new show season roll around, I will be PREGNANT. Like big pregnant. So I want to go ahead and do a fall show instead of waiting another year and a half.

I only registered for 3 classes- Walk/Trot Equitation, Walk/Trot Under Saddle, and Walk/Trot Pleasure. I registered for Beginner Level 1. That’s as low as you can go. I think we will do fine. I’m not expecting ribbons; I just want the experience!

I think my husband is going to the show with me to play photographer, so look for pics and an update after the show…


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