Me and Zeke in Hatteras
Me and Zeke in Hatteras
Me and Zeke, Makani and Cody
Me and Zeke, Makani and Cody

These are the pics from my beach ride while on vacation. They were taken on a cell phone, so not the best quality. I would love to take Baron to the beach. It was such a great time!

Since I found out I’m pregnant, I’ve been trying to ride Baron as much as possible, at least 3 times a week, because I know that I’ll have to stop once I get bigger with the pregnany. (Side Note: I hate being pregnant.) My riding really has improved in the last few months, although I’m still a beginner. I like to keep track of my progress and my goals, so here they are.


1. I’m much more comfortable posting on Baron now. I’ve been concentrating on leaning slightly back and sitting deep in the saddle when asking for a halt, instead of pitching forward like I used to do. I’m not perfect yet, but my downward transitions are improving. Also, at the trot my hands are steadier. It’s not so complicated for me to post and steer at the same time! I used to concentrate so hard on posting that I would forget to steer and Baron would veer off wherever he wanted to go.

2. I can canter (although not very well)! We’ve been cantering out on the trail rides (in a Western saddle) and even though I’m a little tentative, I’m getting more comfortable with the motion and relaxing while he canters. The last time I rode Baron in the pasture, he wanted to canter and I let him, and I rode pretty well, even in an English saddle. I do still get nervous because I’m afraid of him getting too strong and me not being able to slow him down, but he did great this last time. I was able to half halt him down to a trot, although I did have to really pull him back. I understand now why jockeys have to have such amazing upper body strength. 1200 pounds is a lot to rein in!


1. I want to improve my lower leg position at the trot. I feel like my lower leg, especially on the right side, is flopping all over the place and my heel is creeping up. Really need to work on that.

2. I need to get better at cantering. Right now I have no form. I kind of canter in half seat, but I’m still fairly unbalanced and it wouldn’t be hard to unseat me. Just like trotting, I have to keep at it and get used to the new motion. Funny thing is, I could canter pretty well on Magic, the QH I leased, but Baron is so much taller and his stride is so much bigger that it’s an entirely different feel.

3. I want to learn to get the right diagonal without looking. I can usually tell when I’m on the wrong diagonal because I feel “off” in the saddle, like I’m coming up crooked when I rise out of the saddle. I want to continue to develop that feel, so that posting on the correct diagonal becomes second nature.

So I should be starting up lessons again soon. I think I’ve finally worked out my trailer situation. Will do a post about that soon…


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