Random Horse Thoughts

I used to think of myself as something of a hunter/jumper snob.  I was only interested in Thoroughbred type horses  and English riding. I thought English riding was harder, meaning you can’t throw anyone on an English saddle and take them on a trail ride and expect them not to fall off. Being the Type A perfectionist that I am, I had zero interest in riding Western because I considered English riding to be more of a challenge. That perception is starting to change. I mean, hell, look at barrel racers. Those peeps can ride the hell out of some horses and look good doing it. I have zero interest in barrel racing, but I’ll give credit where credit is due.  Also, I have to admit that my obsession with English riding is partly due to the clothes. Oh how I love the breeches and tall black boots. I just feel like such a bad ass walking around in tall boots.

Second random thought: I wish I had unlimited time and money. There are so many adorable horses for soooo cheap. With the sucky economy people are selling horses left and right and it is entirely possible to get a great horse on the cheap! Even cheaper than what I paid for Baron, and he was a steal! I would love another horse to work with, but this time I would want a little western horse, like a really flashy paint. Then my husband or non-horsey friends could come ride with me.

Third Random Thought: I completely forgot to write about the best part of the trail ride on Sunday. We came to a place in the trail where it gets really wide, and Baron and I were leading. His ears were pricked forward and he started to trot. I let him and he just trotted and trotted for the longest time. I was having such a good time, I actually starting laughing out loud. That got him excited and he picked up the pace and there we were, me laughing and him trotting happily along on a gorgeous trail enjoying a perfect Sunday morning. That is one of my favorite memories with Baron so far!


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