This weekend we did a 3 hour trail ride at Kennesaw Mountain. Baron was fantastic. I think he enjoys trail rides because he was relaxed and was content to lead or follow the group. He didn’t spook at a number of things that were potentially scary for horses (a bridge, runners with dogs, stupid runners who come up quickly behind you and don’t say a word!).

The big news for me is that I found out I’m pregnant. You may remember that I have a one year old little girl and I was DONE having kids. I was so happy that my little girl is getting less dependent on me which means I had more time to ride and spend with Baron. I was going to start showing Baron in the spring, but that’s clearly not going to happen. My due date will be around May, so instead of trotting around an arena and winning ribbons, I will be giving birth and taking care of a newborn.

I do plan to ride until I am about 6 months along. My husband hates that idea, but I told him it was not up for discussion. Baron has been coming along so nicely lately (lowering his head, bending at the poll, giving a nice, rhythmic trot) and I’m not willing to put that progress on hold until I absolutely have to.


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