It’s Been a While…


It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I had some personal drama that kept me away from the barn, and then I was on vacation in Colorado for 10 days. I did get in a three hour trail ride before I left. It was my first trail ride at Kennesaw Mountain, and I was impressed. The trails were clear and well maintained and the scenery was beautiful. I snapped a few pics.

Trail at Kennesaw Mountain
Trail at Kennesaw Mountain

The best part of the ride was the water crossing. Baron actually crossed the creek!!! He only hesitated for a moment and then splashed his way across. I was so proud, I could have gotten off and hugged him. He is such a good horse and he tries hard!

At my last lesson, we trotted over ground poles. He kept veering off to the side and trying to walk around them. Well, I found some ground poles at my barn over with the barn owner’s junk pile. It was like winning the lottery. My barn has basically no facilities, so this was a great find! I set the ground poles up in the pasture and worked Baron over them again. He still tried to go around them, but he’s getting better. Consistency is the key with him. I have to show him that ground poles don’t eat horses.

Just for kicks, here’s a picture of the trail ride in Colorado. My trail horse was basically the chubbier Quarter Horse version of Baron. She was cute!

Trail Ride in Colorado
Trail Ride in Colorado

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