Does he look fatter to you?

Baron was skinny when I bought him in November of 08, and he lost a few more pounds over the winter, mostly from stress. There was one horse that bullied him (who thankfully changed barns), and the other horse kept him from grazing at the round hay bales as much as he would have liked. It’s been an ongoing process to put weight on him, one that I’ve found very difficult. He has grass and hay in the pasture, hay in his stall, and he’s the only horse in my barn that gets lunch (an extra 1/2 scoop of grain). Additionally, he’s on Weight Builder supplement. Even with all that, it’s been a slow process of putting weight on him.

I’m finally starting to see a real difference, especially along his topline and around his hips. He’s still ribby, but not as much as he was. The first picture is Baron now. Compare it to the second picture which was Baron in December or January, not sure which. I think he looks a little less ribby and a little fuller overall. His summer coat looks healthy and shiny, just ignore the bite marks on his hip. New horse at the barn and they’re still figuring out the hierarchy.


skinny baron


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