Why I Love Trail Riding.


Don’t get me wrong, I love riding English whether it’s dressage or huntseat, and I love taking lessons. However, I am a bit of a perfectionist and I tend to be the tinist bit impatient. I am limited on time and money, so my progress with Baron as a hunter has been slow. I’ve had him for six months and he’s just now learning to trot nicely in a circle with his head down. I’m sure someone with more time, money and experience could have done more with him by now. I’m constantly reminding myself to be patient, with myself and with him because we’re both beginners.

Also when I’m riding English, I find that I approach him with an agenda that often complicates rather than simplifies his training. I’m looking for “progress,”  some sort of measurable success that proves I’m not wasting my money on lessons! I can’t just enjoy being with him because I’m also sizing him up.

Trail riding is completely different. If he doesn’t flip out and bolt, it was perfect! I get to ride my horse and relax in the sunshine. I’m not worried about my form or his frame; I can simply enjoy being a horse owner!


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