I heart the horse chiropractor.

At my last lesson Baron was a pill. My trainer thinks he has a sore back, so on Sunday I got the chiropractor out to adjust him. The chiropractor happens to be my boss’s brother and we were at a pool party at my boss’s house. I talked the chiro into leaving the party in his flip flops and board shorts and driving the 10 minutes to my barn to adjust Baron. It’s amazing what a little flirting will accomplish. 🙂

The adjustment was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I get adjusted regularly and totally believe in chiropractic, but it was amazing to see how quickly my horse responded. The chiro adjusted Baron’s right hip, his knee and several spots in his neck and back. Baron licked his lips, chewed, shook his head and started getting that half-open, drowsy look in his eyes. When the chiro stepped away from him, Baron turned to follow him. I could tell he felt better immediately. Now that he’s been adjusted, I’m hoping our rides will improve and his trot will become more even. I’m going to give him the week off and not ride until Saturday, just do groundwork.

I am supposed to go on a trail ride Saturday at a trail near my barn. I’m going with my friend Gary and his wife who also board at my barn. One of their horses is Brooke, the black paint mare that is Baron’s best friend. Their other horse is Rumble, who was with us when I fell off last time. I have some strategies to keep Baron under better control this time. First, I bought a western bridle with a curb chain. Gary recommended this to me since I know nothing about western tack. The curb chain is supposed to stop a horse on a dime. So I’ll be riding my English saddle with a western bridle, which is tacky, but oh well.  I will also make sure that Baron is at the back of the line so that he can’t take off. Some people would say that I shouldn’t trail ride, but how is he ever going to acclimate to trail riding if I never take him on a trail? I have to start somewhere and I’m taking all the precautions I can think of.


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