Did I buy the right horse?

After my crappy lesson on Thursday, I was a bit disheartened and thinking, I have bought the wrong horse, I am not experienced enough to handle this crazy racehorse, my horse has loads of problems that I am not experienced enough to fix. Oh no, in a nutshell. It seems like whenever I get discouraged and think these kinds of things, something happens to reassure me that I did indeed buy the right horse for me. That reassurance came on Saturday.

I took Baron out to the round pen to lunge him and do some groundwork. He half heartedly walked when I asked him to, but wouldn’t trot more than a few steps. I don’t blame him; it was hot and his back was still bothering him. This was before the chiro had adjusted him. I gave up on the lunging and decided to do something else. I’m not sure how I did it, but I got Baron to follow me around the round pen. I would weave left and right and he stuck right behind me. Parelli calls this the “Stick to Me” game. I was also getting him to back up and move away from me just by motioning with my hands, not actually touching him. He was responsive and listening to me, and following me around because he wanted to. He likes me. I bought the right horse.


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