A Thunderstorm and A Fence Down

dsc024841In the last 2 weeks I have only worked with Baron 3 times. I was out of town, then the baby was sick and then my husband was out of town. One ride was the canter, the next was the fall, and the third ride was my first since the fall. I have to admit, my confidence was a little shaken after falling on the trail. As I prepared to mount, I had to consciously put the last ride out of my mind. I rode in the pasture and Baron was being kind of a pill, although I can’t say that I blame him because the flies were terrible and I was out of spray. He could not concentrate on me; he kept biting at flies, tossing his head and stamping his feet to keep the flies off. I kept it short and got a few nice circles out of him and some good walk-trot transitions. And then I gave up, happy not to have fallen off!

On a side note, at my barn the horses switch to night turnout in the spring and summer because I live in Georgia and it’s freakin’ hot here. They stay in the cool barn during the day and get turned out in the pasture at night. May 1st was their first night of being out, and it just so happened that severe thunderstorms hit about 9 pm. I live 2 minutes from the barn so when it started to rain, I hopped in the car and went to help bring the horses in. It was pitch black and raining cats and dogs. By some mistake, the horses had been locked in the far pasture which meant that they could not come up to the barn to be let in. So my friend Gary and I ran out into the rain and opened the gate. All of the horses went through the gate. Except Baron. He decided to jump OVER the fence.  He almost cleared it, but knocked out the top rail.  Why does my horse have to be a daredevil? Why can’t he go politely through the gate behind all the other sane, sensible horses? On the other hand, I eventually want to jump with him and he is already showing a lot of natural talent!


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