Surfing vs. Horses as a Hobby

I grew up at the beach and I used to surf. I was nearly as obsessed with surfing as I am with horses. Notice I said nearly. I’ve decided to compare the two hobbies/ obsessions and see which one comes out on top.

Pro Surfing:

  1. All you need to surf is a board and an ocean.
  2. Low start-up cost. A good surfboard will cost you anywhere from a couple hundred bucks to $1000, depending on whether you want a brand new board or a used one, and whether you want a short board or a longboard. My first board cost $85 and it was awesome. A decent horse will cost you at least $1000 and usually more like six or seven thousand. Trust me, any horse that costs $85 is not a horse you want.
  3. Similarly, if your board snaps in half, you’re only out a few hundred bucks. If your horse snaps anything and lives through it, you now have a lame horse that costs just as much in upkeep as a sound one.
  4. Surfboards can live comfortably on a rack on top of your car, shoved in your garage, leaned up against your house, or lying in the grass in your backyard. A horse needs a stall or at least a run-in shed with a large pasture.
  5. Surfboards do not eat. Horses, on the other hand, eat about a hundred pounds of grain each month supplemented with hay and grass and usually some sort of expensive supplement, such as Weight Builder or Sho-Glo. There is a reason for the expression “eat like a horse.”
  6. A surfboard will never intentionally throw you off and run back to the beach.
  7. If you do fall off your surfboard, they come with handy leashes so that they can get no more than 6 feet away from you. Horses do not come with a leash, and even if they did, they are just as likely to drag you with it as they are to be led by it.
  8. No matter how big the wave, a surfboard will never be afraid. The same cannot be said for horses and show jumps.
  9. Surfboards never get sick or go lame on the day of the biggest competition of the year.
  10. You get a killer tan while surfing. While horseback riding, your legs are covered up with breeches and boots so you can spend all day outside on a horse and still have legs the color of cooked noodles.
  11. Other surfers do not care what brand your board is or how much it cost. Horse people, on the other hand, are notoriously snobby. There are some barns where you will not be welcome unless you’re boarding a $40,000 Warmblood.

Pro Horses:

  1. Your surfboard will never love you back. Enough said.

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