No Permanent Damage

The vet came out to look at Baron’s leg. He sedated him, cleaned the wound, and wrapped it in a thick bandage. He said the injury was most likely caused by a sharp branch or tree stump, so now I have to go out into the pasture and try to figure out where he hurt himself. He did no permanent damage to his leg, thank God, but I won’t be able to ride him for about 6 weeks. He’s on stall rest for now and I have to change the bandage on Sunday. Not looking forward to that, because the vet warned me that it will be icky. I have to hand walk him for 30 minutes a day, which has been difficult because he is very “up” after being locked up in his stall all day. He gets very pushy on the lead and he ends up taking me for a walk. He’s usually pretty good on the lead, but when he gets excited, he forgets about me being in charge and he goes wherever he wants. More ground work is needed, I suppose.
I have made progress with his manners in the stall. He backs up away from the door for me to come in and he stays back until I tell him to approach. He doesn’t throw a fit about his water bucket anymore; he lets me get it into place before sticking his nose in. I’m the boss in his stall, but not yet outside of the stall.


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